Bounce Me Curl Enhance REFILL

Bounce Me Curl Enhance REFILL

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The Refill Carton for the Bounce Me Infinite Mist Spray Bottle.


Design Me Curl Enhancer InfiniteMist Spray is a great way to get a frizz-free, defined curl or wave whenever you want it!

It helps to prevent breakage, strengthen follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Can be used on wash day or any day in-between to refresh your curls!


Press the sprayer lightly for a soft spray, midway for a bit more of a powerful burst, and all the way for an infinite misting spray.


The best part? You only buy the bottle ONCE! The Infinitemist system is a refillable bottle, with refill cartons available that are 100% recyclable!


Each INFINITEMIST system is available in a mist spray bottle & refill carton. Refill cartons are sold separately or available in a bundle.