My Hair Is 90% DRY SHAMPOO

Can you relate to this?!

I tell you, a few days after washing my hair, it's definitely got more dry shampoo in it than anything else.

Dry Shampoo?

Firstly, what even is dry shampoo?

It is a product, depending on the company, in aerosol or powder form, meant to help absorb odours, oils, sweat, etc, to allow for more days between washing. It can also help prolong a style by adding grit, and some even help with volume. It's a great alternative to everyday washing, as it makes the hair look, and even sometimes feel, freshly washed. Washing everyday is not ideal, so this is a great way to buy you some time. It even absorbs sweat so you can avoid having to wash it after every gym session!

The Dry Shampoo Truth

I get asked all the time: Does it really work?

From my experience, I have to say, YES! However, it's all in finding the one that's right for you though. Not all dry shampoo's are made the same, and not all of them will work the same in all hair types. Unfortunately, the hard truth, is that you may have to go through a trial and error period where you find the one that works the best for you and your hair.

There are many amazing companies out there that make amazing quality products, so if you're interesting in finding out what some of my favourite dry shampoo's are, then keep on reading!

Please note that all of the following comments are my personal opinions from my personal experience, and are not the one and only answer on your quest to finding the right dry shampoo for you.

Which One To Use?

When it comes to dry shampoo, as mentioned, there are many to choose from. Sometimes too many in fact. They come in varying sizes, smells, colours and even type.

I used to think an aerosol was the way to go, but I've actually come to love a loose powder one.

Which brings me to some of my current all time favourites:

Bumble and Bumle Prêt-à-Powder

They used to only have the loose powder dry shampoo that I mentioned above, however have come out with the aerosol version. Now I still find I get a better result from the looser powder, but that is just personal preference. I absolutely LOVE this product. From experience, it really feels like it is absorbing all the oils from the hair leaving you feeling fresh and new again. It smells absolutely fantastic, and also provides wonderful volume. Because it is the loose powder, I also find it helps hold whatever style you put into it more than an aerosol. If you add some backcombing, it is not going anywhere.

However, it does have a little bit more of a tacky feel to it because it is a loose powder, where as the aerosol version is a little lighter and disappears a little bit more. I personally don't mind that though, and actually kind of like the feeling of "oomph" in my hair!

Both options only come in 1 size, the powder is a fairly compact bottle that fits in any bag, and the aerosol is a standard size can.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

This is an aerosol that I found actually felt like it cleansed the hair. When used correctly (and we'll get to that in a little bit) it almost does actually feel like your hair is freshly cleaned.

Due to it being an aerosol, it's much lighter and wont leave you with any kind of textured feeling, and really just absorbs and then feels like you're wearing nothing at all. *bonus points to those who get the reference ;D*

It also smells very good, and at certain times of year you can find two sizes! The traditional average size can, and the small travel size.

My only complaint with any aerosol vs loose powder; I found aerosols didn't last as long. The can seems to empty a lot faster. Each spray seems to let out a lot more product that one small shake of a loose powder.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair

"Removes odours, excess oil, and all your sins from the night before".

Yes, the package actually says that. This option smells very clean, has a super cute pale yellow package (I'm a sucker for good packaging) and again, really seems to work!

It is another aerosol and again comes in the two sizes; standard and travel.

I did find that this one lasted a little longer than other aerosols though. It almost seemed like the nozzle was a little stronger, which allowed me to see what was coming out better, and not over or under use the product, so I could make a can last longer.

My favourite part about this one is it's free of sulphate and parabens, and it's vegan and cruelty free! For every can sold they also make a financial contribution to help reduce global carbon emissions.

Honorary Mentions

Here are a few other ones that I feel deserve recognition that I've either tried and enjoyed, just maybe not as much as those mentioned above, or that are on my list to give a whirl!

  • Redken Pillow Proof - Available in dark and light

  • Design.Me Quckie Me - Availabe in Dark, Light, and a spray foam

  • Biolage Waterless Shampoo - Available in Body Retention and Oil Control

Which brings me to my final frequently asked question: How do I use it?

The most commen mistake people make is they are way too close to the scalp when they put it in. Secondly they put too much in one spot, and lastly they don't rub it in enough.

So here's some quick Dry Shampoo Tips:

  1. Spray(or sprinkle) from 2-3 inches away from the scalp. Don't get too close!

  2. Keep your hand in motion to distribute evenly, don't put it in one spot at a time.

  3. SCRUB! It's a dry "SHAMPOO" right? Treat it as such! Scrub it in to allow it to work its magic as well as make those color residues dissapear!

As mentioned, not all dry shampoo formula's will work the same for your hair type; it's all a matter of trying them out and seeing if they work for you. I hope this list can at least help give you a starting point on your quest for finding the right dry shampoo, but in all honesty, the one for you might not be on this list. If it isn't, I'd love for you to reach out and let me know which one of the many out there it is so that when it's time to revamp the list, I'll have more to choose from!

With that, I wish you good luck in finding your perfect Dry Shampoo Match!




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