About Lighten Up

Lighten Up started as an idea for a place where clients come first. It's all about you, your experience and of course, your hair! We wanted a comfortable environment, where you can come in, relax and spend time focusing on "you". Everybody needs some time away from the everyday things that tire us out, and we want to help you get that time. 


We also know that hair is an accessory, and for a lot of people it's a way of expressing yourself, your personality, or how you feel. We want to help you get the hair you've been looking for and feeling great when you leave. 

Invest In Your Hair, You Wear It Everyday!

We love what we do. We take pride in continued education, and in knowing the right steps to getting you the hair you love in the safest way. If we suggest against something, or suggest a multiple appointment process, its for the benefit of you and your hair, not for us. It's because we honestly believe it is the best way to get you want to want and having your hairs condition still be in tact.